About Altec Logistic

Established in 2004, Altec Logistic has always had a prestigious tradition on the Romanian market, as well as on the international one. We offer our clients the highest quality standards when it comes to transport services.

Our company provides domestic and international transport services. Our motto is: dynamism, quality and speed. The transported goods are always protected from the risk of degradation during transport because the functioning of the refrigeration units is permanently controlled by our drivers, who are experienced and well trained for refrigerated transports.

The Altec Logistic fleet is available for domestic and international transport either with classic or refrigerated containers. The goods are picked up and delivered in accordance with the terms set by you. Wherever in Europe you want to send your goods, the Altec Logistic company can provide you with its transportation services.

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Because our client needs may vary, we assure you that we will create a competitive and comprehensive offer to answer all of your requirements.

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